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The soil is the home for a large part of bacterial biodiversity and other microscopic and macroscopic living organisms.

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However, everyone gradually the adverse effects of this chemical which led to the ban of this chemical in many parts of the world including India.

Moreover, pests became resistance to DDT due to the chemicals regular use.

Soil Pollution has gradually become a major challenge that we need to overcome for establishing a healthy environment.

Weathering of earth’s crusts by different processes leads to the formation of soil that accumulates over the centuries.

They are generally insoluble in water and non-biodegradable.

Therefore, these chemicals will not gradually decompose and keep on accumulating in the soil.

Therefore, for surplus production, it is very important to protect crops from any type of damage that occurs due to insects, weeds, rodents and other crop diseases. The very obvious answer is pesticides and herbicides.

However, do you know these pesticides and herbicides is a leading cause of soil pollution?

Human activities like this have led to acidification of soil and contamination due to the disposal of industrial waste, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, dumping oil and fuel, etc.

Poor irrigation methods increase the soil salinity.


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