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Pope's edits and explanatory notes were notoriously capricious (impulsive and not scholarly).

Pope was precocious (showed the characteristics of an older person at a young age) as a child and attracted the notice of a noted bookseller who published his Pastorals (1709).

By this time Pope was already at work on his more ambitious Essay on Criticism (1711) designed to create a rebirth of the contemporary literary scene.

This upset Pope, who then made Theobald the original hero of Dunciad.

In 17 the writer Jonathan Swift (1667–1745) was in England and a guest of Pope. Renewed contact with Swift must have given a driving force to Pope's poem on "Dulness," which appeared as the three-book Dunciad (1728).

But it was also prompted by his distaste for that whole process by which worthless writers gained undeserved literary prominence (fame).

The parody (comic imitation) of the classical epic (heroic poem) was accompanied by further mock-heroic elements, including the intervention of a goddess, the epic games of the second book, and the visit to the underworld and the vision of future "glories." Indeed, despite its devastating satire, Dunciad was essentially a phantasmagoric (created by the imagination) treatment by a great comic genius.Pope undertook the translation of Homer's Iliad because he needed money.The interest earned from his father's annuities (money from investments) had dropped sharply. It was a great financial success, making Pope independent of the customary forms of literary patronage (support from wealthy people), and it was highly praised by critics.Several other poems were published by 1717, the date of the first collected edition of Pope's works.) that were his greatest achievement as a translator.The English poet Alexander Pope is regarded as one of the finest poets and satirists (people who use wit or sarcasm to point out and devalue sin or silliness) of the Augustan (mid-seventeenth to mid-eighteenth century English literature) period and one of the major influences on English literature in this time and after.Alexander Pope was born on May 21, 1688, in London, England, to Alexander and Edith Pope. His family moved out of London and settled in Binfield in Windsor Forest around 1700. He educated himself through extensive studying and reading, especially poetry.From the time parts of Iliad began to appear, Pope became the victim of numerous pamphlet attacks on his person, politics, and religion.In 1716 an increased land tax on Roman Catholics forced the Popes to sell their place at Binfield and to settle at Chiswick.In 1742 Pope published a fourth book to Dunciad separately, and his last published work was the four-volume Dunciad in 1743.Pope's friendship with the former statesman Henry St.


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