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Because of this shorter life expectancy, pro-cloning reasons such as "infertility" and "replicating a loved one" would be futile because the clone would only live to be around 30.

Cells seem to have a defined life span built into them.

"Dolly" was created from a cell that was about 6 years old; this is middle age for an ewe.

Since there are no scripture verses that relate directly to cloning, it is hard from a Christian view to directly refute cloning as against God's will.

God has given us scriptures relating to life in general though.

The techniques have been proven to work, and with the rapid growth of technology in this field, human cloning can one day be very beneficial to the programming necessary to tell genes when to turn on and off.

The result may be disorganized cell growth or inappropriate cell functioning both of which can harm the organism”(Maas).

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After extensive research, we realize that cloning technology has many great advantages for the human race.

The possibility of cloning organs, curing diseases, stopping genetic...


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