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We meet a youngster having a smartphone: what is the probability he is studying?

We meet a youngster having a smartphone: what is the probability he is studying?Compare the answer to the 60% proportion of students in the population and explain the difference.First, the probability of drawing a blue marble is about 33% because it is one possible outcome out of three.

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Homework Assignment 1 – Probability for IBA This assignment is voluntary: if you want to participate, hand in your (own) solutions, handwritten on one A4 (with your name, student number and group on top) at the start of the tutorial on Thursday 28th of November 2013.

A crucial and highly important field of statistics is probability.

The subject of probability encompasses a deep study of various concepts and theories regarding the functioning and inter relationship between an experiment and an event.We consider the population all youngsters (age 18-22) in The Netherlands and the events F = “the youngster has a Facebook account” and T = “the youngster has a Twitter account”.The following information is the result of an extensive survey: 70% of all youngsters have a Facebook account, 40% has a Twitter account and 20% has both.A and B AC and B FC and TC Arbitrary youngster Has smartphone (B) Nonstudent (AC) 0. Has no smartphone (BC) Has smartphone (B) Has no smartphone (BC) 0. We at Statistics Assignment Experts have established ourselves prominently in the space by providing high quality Help with Probability Assignments .What is the probability that a Dutch youngster has a Facebook or a Twitter account? What is the probability that a Dutch youngster has only a Facebook account? What is the probability that a Dutch youngster has no Facebook nor a Twitter account? What is the probability that a Facebook user has a Twitter account as well? The researchers reported furthermore that 80% of the students used a smartphone (event B), where only 55% of the non-students used such a device.Express the given probabilities in A and B ( ( ) ) and solve f and g (clearly state your motivation! compute the probability that the youngster uses a smartphone g.Through logics that are prescribed in the study of this subject, one can conduct various researches and make an in depth examination of various theories.This subject is an integral part of various mathematical courses that are taught in a university.Grades: a b c d e f g total 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 10 Solutions homework assignment 1 Given is that ( ) ( ) ( ) (“Read” the rules of probability in the Venn diagram) a. ( ) ( ) ( ) (Use the Venn-diagram: you can split up F in ( ) and ( ).) c.( ) ( ) (Using the complement rule and the result of a.) d. are independent if ( ) ( ) ( ) , but ( ) ( ) ( ) (or, using the result of d., because 28.6% = ( | ) ( ) ) f.


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