Probation Vs Parole Essay

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Read More Are deaths resulting from vehicle accidents considered arrest related? Deaths resulting from vehicular accidents are within the scope of the ARD program if they...Read More Does the ARD program include deaths caused by civilians during the process of arrest? The ARD program includes deaths caused by injuries sustained by non-law enforcement personnel d...

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Read More What types of police contact were included?Read More How many women are employed by sheriffs' offices?Females made up 14% of full-time sworn officers employed by sheriffs' offices in 2013. Read More Do all sheriffs' office employees have general arrest authority?Read More Where can I find a list of federally recognized tribes in the U. Read More Why can't I find death counts for the current year?It takes about 2 years to process death data because core data collection runs the full calendar yea...Read More Are homicide counts limited to homicides committed by other inmates or facility staff? The total homicide count includes all types of intentional homicide and involuntary manslaughter... In the Deaths in Custody Reporting Program (DCRP), custody refers to the physical holding of an inma...Read More Victimization rate Number of victimizations per 1,000 persons or households in a given population that occurred during ...Read More What is the margin of error for the survey?Many surveys have a specific margin of error because all of the questions are asked of every person.... When national estimates are derived from a sample, as with the NCVS, caution must be used when compa... We develop national estimates from sample cases of interviews with victims. Read More What is the difference between intimate partner violence and domestic violence?Read More Does an arrest warrant need to be issued to qualify a death as arrest related? The data collection includes deaths of arrest subjects regardless of whether an arrest warrant...Read More What is the difference between homicide and justifiable homicide?


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