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The founding fathers had the extensive knowledge and advanced experience required to understand that official national religions can cause significant problems for a society, including oppression, persecution, ignorance and violence.

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Many supporters of school prayer argue that conducting school prayer sessions is a right that is protected by their constitutional freedom to exercise their religion.

This is not true, for banning school prayer does not prevent an individual from praying or restrict individual students from believing what they want, from vocalizing their beliefs, or from praying on their own during the school day (Gaylor, 1995).

Although the majority of Christians are moral people who do good things for others, some religious people and Christians have demonstrated immoral behavior by committing crimes against other people.

Likewise, although there have been some atheists and secular thinkers who have committed immoral crimes, the vast majority of secular thinkers are moral people who refrain from harming others and who make efforts to help their fellow citizens (Diener, 1997).

Although families and churches can teach religious doctrine, many Supreme Court decisions have determined that it is unconstitutional for a public school to teach that one particular religion is correct or that the myths of a religion are literal (Robinson). Retrieved from Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services, Inc.

However, advocating Christian prayers in government-funded public schools promotes the notion that Christianity is the correct religion and that the Bible is literal. "Banning School Prayer from Public Schools." Ultius | Custom Writing and Editing Services.

Although every bill of rights amendment is important, the deliberate placement of the separation of church and state in the 1st amendment by the founding fathers demonstrates the importance of religious freedom.

In the 1st amendment, the government provides every citizen with the complete freedom to exercise their particular religion.

Additionally, implementing Christian prayer sessions that nonbelievers must participate in or silently listen to creates a division within the school that can alienate many students, facilitate an intolerant stigmatization of other religions, and encourage a judgmental ostracizing of secular thinkers.

Thus, policies should ban prayers from public schools because the prayers endorse Christianity as the official religion, discriminate against nonbelievers, and diminish the atmosphere of religious freedom and religious diversity that should permeate through the school.


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