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' If you can answer this question, you have a chance of being considered.If, however, your reader gets the impression have suddenly for no good reason conceived an interest in a field you have never studied before, they may equally assume you will lose interest just as quickly.If so, the guidelines below are designed to help you.

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You might also try a more general truth or saying, then show how this applies to your situation.

You may want to quote someone famous who has said something relevant, but if so, keep it short, quote correctly, and make sure that the relevance to your position is absolutely clear. Do give enough time to creating a good initial paragraph.

You best chance usually lies in showing that there is a meaningful progression to your career which is driven by your sense of purpose and academic or professional ambition.

The above model suggests that a statement of purpose should move from your past and present studies, to your proposed studies and finally to your future career.

It is the first thing your audience will read, and first impressions are quickly formed.

If your first sentences are dull, irrelevant, eccentric or pompous, or worse still, full of grammatical or spelling mistakes, your reader will quickly form a negative impression which will be hard to dispel.

The word 'purpose' normally means 'what you want to do', however, it has a secondary meaning, which is the quality of knowing 'that you want to do something'.

Purpose in this sense means having a direction, and it is essential that your statement of purpose shows that you do have a direction and know both where you are going and how you can best get there.

I know that research programs in Economics are very diverse and this is the main reason why I prefer this university.

Recent Moldovan government figures show an alarming 40% increase in mental illness amongst young people in the last ten years.


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