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Energy conservation is the practice of reducing the use of energy.Individual consumers can do numerous things to conserve energy and reduce home energy costs.

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The Superglue gives 20 per cent more light and saves up to 10 per cent energy.

It is estimated that one per cent increase in PLF yields additional 4 billion units of electricity costing rupees 2,500 crores.

Another significant step in this direction would be to bring down the wastage of energy.

Penalty may be levied and legal actions initiated against power pil­ferage.

Privatisation is another suggestion which can obtain desired results and improve the genera­tion, transmission and distribution in the power sector. Hence, there is a need for serious thinking to im­prove this sector by inducting new technology, at­tracting more investment, developing non-conven­tional sources and inculcating habits for saving and conservation.


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