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Furthermore, the animals that are indeed covered by this law, such as cats, dogs and chimpanzees, get minimal protection.This law only sets minimal standards for factors like housing and feeding. S Department of Agriculture is meant to enforce this law, which is supposed to include a yearly inspection in research facilities; however, there are only 115 inspectors assigned and more than 7750 licensed facilities, making adequate inspections and regulations close to impossible.How to assign static ip address in windows 7 debate on homework in hindi homework excuse notes outline for simple essay!

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Unfortunately, abuse on animals raised for human consumption is far from being the only one accepted and unpunished.

An average of twenty-five million animals are used for lab experiments on an annual basis.

In consequence, that leads one to believe that the punitive response to non-human animal cruelty may just be a platform for human animals to abuse their power and benefit themselves.

The first step to understanding the punitive response to non-human animal abuse is to layout the different categories of abuse that are actually recognized as criminal by our legal system: Simple neglect, intentional abuse, organized abuse and sexual abuse.

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Whether or not human animals and non-human animals should share the same rights has been, and remains an important topic of controversy.

These four categories of abuse seem to be general enough for each case of animal cruelty to fall under a specific category, and therefore makes it hard to accept the fact that most cases of animal suffering go unrecognized and unabated.

Whether an abusive action towards an animal will be considered abusive and be penalized depends entirely on state law.


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