Research Paper On Green Computing

Research Paper On Green Computing-18
Energy re-use in computing systems derives from the cyber-physical interactions of IT resources and cooling of large-scale IT centers [].Similarly, sustainability in computing is achieved by utilization of renewable energy resources while limiting the carbon footprint of IT operations.Manufacturing practices that increase re-use of off-the-shelf computing components and limit the e-waste also contribute to sustainability efforts.

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The green computing is one of the recent and prominent research field where many researchers are working on finding the efficient way to use energy in an efficient manner.

The two ways in which the researchers look into green computing are mainly concentrating on the energy efficiency and power consumption and other way is making the green software to thrive the industry and make innovatory products.

Multiple resources and their alternative backups are utilized for efficient high-performance computing.

In contrast, energy efficiency practices involve reduction of resources and energy proportional computing.

The best practices for green computing and the trade-off between green and high-performance policies is debated.

Further, we discuss the imminent challenges facing the efficient green operations of emerging IT technologies.

The computing community realizes the importance of green measures and provides technological solutions that lead to its energy-aware operations along with facilitating the same in other IT enabled industries.

Green and sustainable computing practices review the environmental impact of the computing industry to encourage the adoption of practices and technologies for efficient operations.

The carbon emissions, known as Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in general, lead to higher disease rates, global warming, and depletion of the Ozone layer.

Information Technology (IT) is both an emerging global industry and a support technology for many businesses.


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