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At the end of this paper, readers would be able to clearly distinguish the gap between each sub-area of research and they would appreciate the importance of these research areas to the industry.An intrusion detection system (IDS) is hardware, software or a combination of two, for monitoring network or system activities to detect malicious signs.

At the end of this paper, readers would be able to clearly distinguish the gap between each sub-area of research and they would appreciate the importance of these research areas to the industry.An intrusion detection system (IDS) is hardware, software or a combination of two, for monitoring network or system activities to detect malicious signs.

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Throughout the years, the IDS technology has grown enormously to keep up with the advancement of computer crime.

Since the beginning of the technology in mid 80’s, researches have been conducted to enhance the capability of detecting attacks without jeopardizing the network performance.

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The IDS/IPS basic fundamentals are still used today in traditional IDS/IPSs, in next generation intrusion prevention systems (NGIPSs) and in Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs).

This is a look at the beginning stages of intrusion detection and intrusion prevention, its challenges over the years and expectations for the future.In the early 2000s, IDS started becoming a security best practice.Prior to then, firewalls had been very effective for countering the threat landscape of the 1990s.In this paper we hope to provide a critical review of the IDS technology, issues that transpire during its implementation and the limitation in the IDS research endeavors.Lastly we will proposed future work while exploring maturity of the topic, the extent of discussion, the value and contribution of each research to the domain discussed.Other areas within the matrix, such as the Prosecution and Enterprise regions, present significant practical difficulties and therefore are opportunities for further research. The use of a taxonomy based on the type of output produced by an intrusion system is new to this paper, as is the combination with data scale to produce an intrusion matrix. (2007), "A new taxonomy for comparing intrusion detection systems", Internet Research, Vol. This survey tries to provide a structured and comprehensive overview of the research on anomaly detection.From the existing anomaly detection techniques, each technique has relative strengths and weaknesses.The paper finds that different approaches to intrusion detection can produce different footprints on the intrusion matrix.Qualitative comparison of systems can be undertaken by examining the area covered within the footprint and the footprint overlap between systems.


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