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The poem “Out, Out–”, by Robert Frost, is about a boy that is cutting wood and due to a momentary concentration lapse, chops off his hand and bleeds to death. Throughout "The Silken Tent," Robert Frost employs an extended metaphor in comparing a woman to a delicate tent surrounded by nature.This device explores the idea of freedom possessed by a woman in 1940s America, but also confronts the...In Robert Frost’s poem “Directive”, the answer to a question of absolution and religious peace can be found in the form of a journey, led by a poet guide.

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Escapism is a method one uses to focus attention on pleasant or enjoyable things, as opposed to the harsh realities of everyday life.

Humans face countless struggles, and to overcome these they turn towards their imagination or other means in life...

Many of Robert Frost's poems explore the splendor of the outdoors.

In poems such as "A Prayer in Spring" and "To the Thawing Wind," the speakers show appreciation of nature's beauty surrounding them. Robert Frost is generally considered to be the premier American poet of his generation.

He is identified almost exclusively with New England, for most of his poetry attempts to capture the essence of rural life in the New England states. The poem "Mending Wall" by the prominent American poet Robert Frost has often been viewed as one of his favorite pieces of verse.

The basic context of this poem concerns the construction of a stone wall between two neighbors and their individual...Robert Frost’s petrarchan sonnet, written in iambic pentameter, “Design,” questions the role of God in the world through predestination and divine intervention with the use of tone, juxtaposition, imagery, and symbolism. By embracing the concept of a journey, we frequently reach our destination with a greater understanding of ourselves and current surroundings.After scrutinizing the concept of journeys it has become self evident that our lives can be quite...Latest information and commentary on foreclosures, law, technology, medicine and current affairs."Birches" (“Mountain Interval”, 1916) does not center on a regularly encountered and revealing natural scene; rather, it effectively builds a mosaic of thoughts from fragments of memory and fantasy.Its vividness and genial, bittersweet speculation help make it one of Frost's most popular poems, and because its shifts of metaphor and tone invite varying interpretation it has also received much critical discussion.“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is one of the most anthologized, widely-read, beloved, and analyzed poems in the American canon.A short poem consisting of four stanzas of five lines each composed of simple direct language constructed..."The Tuft of Flowers" by Robert Frost, a pastoral and ambiguous poet, is a narrative poem structured in the form of heroic couplets.The speaker is a haymaker that looks for a mower, only to find mowed grass, but later discovering a butterfly...Discovery is the process of unveiling a fresh or renewed understanding of the world which may be the result of an unexpected journey or experience.While relinquishing societal norms can result in the most profound revelations which may be...


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