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Delineating the impact is important because funderswant to see that you’ve clearly established the realisticbenefits of your work along with how you plan to verify andassess your achievements.Since you are asking for funding or other support, you need toclarify just what you’re asking for and why you are asking forparticular amounts. Each amount should be clearly labeled, and you mightneed to directly follow your budget with a justificationstatement explaining why each cost, material, and equipmentis valid, reasonable, and important for your project.

First, you will need to get more tailored advice about grant writing within your specific discipline or sphere.

Second, you’ll need to follow very carefully the exact instructions about proposals from the granting agencies to which you are applying.

These sections have different titles depending on the guidelines specified by the granting organization, but they frequently serve the same purposes.

In what follows, we identify some of the main elements of grant proposals, consider the work that section needs to do, and provide tips for successfully composing these sections.

We consider grant proposals; overall purposes, audiences, and expectations in order to make this information applicable across a range of contexts.

However, this general approach has important limits.You might even want to incorporate key terms and concepts from the organization’s mission statement into your summary.While the summary or abstract may be the first element of your finished proposal, it’soften best to write it last.For students, faculty, or staff at UW–Madison, a great place to learn more about grants, grant proposal writing, and granting institutions is the Grants Information Collection at UW–Madison’s Memorial Library.Check out their website and our review of some of their materials as well as links to other useful grant resources here.In order to establish the value of your project, you needto clarify the need or problem that your project responds to.Early in your proposal, make sure that you establish thecontext of this problem (i.e., the background).Professor Vieira recommends approaching the task of writing a grant proposal with an attitude of wonder and excitement as you strive to turn your ideas into something real.You have a great idea, and you think that you’re the best person to achieve a specific goal.A grant proposal is a very clear, direct document written to a particular organization or funding agency with the purpose of persuading the reviewers to provide you with support because: (1) you have an important and fully considered plan to advance a valuable cause, and (2) you are responsible and capable of realizing that plan.As you begin planning and drafting your grant proposal, ask yourself: Grant proposals are often organized in distinct sections.


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