Sample T Shirt Business Plan

Running the operation daily by yourself will wear you down and can eventually cause your business to fail.Start by hiring out smaller tasks like FB ads management and progress towards hiring someone for customer service inquiries or researching new design ideas.

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There are plenty of successful t-shirt business owners who profit over ,000 per month but want to quit because they’re sick of the grind.Systems and processes refers to things like SOPs (standard operating procedures) that are essentially step-by-step instructions for tasks.These documents are meant to be so detailed that even someone who is unfamiliar with ex. These also happen to be one of the golden tickets for turning your business into a sellable asset.Choosing a niche blindly is not advised and can cost you time and money.Whichever route you choose to go down in terms of niche selection, make sure you have research and data to back it.Unlike an email list, Facebook page or paid advertising, SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) refers to the basic behind-the-scenes tweaks you can make to your website that will increase your ranking in search engines like Google.The closer you are to ranking number one on Google, the more chances your website will be seen by customers searching for your products.While many people choose to start out using websites like Teespring, some sellers are moving to Shopify to start their own brand.Unlike the other platforms, with Shopify you are responsible for creating, posting, marketing and shipping your products independently.When it’s time to sell, having the right systems in place can be the difference between a big cash out and just quitting.In fact, many online businesses sell for 20x their monthly profit. ,000, you can make that back PLUS 0,000, but only if you have a business based on systems. Create systems, procedures and protocols for all of the tasks you complete in order for your business to function and not only will you be able to iron out any wrinkles in your daily operations, but you will save yourself significant time when you go to hire support staff or sell the business.


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