Saya Robot - Developed In Tokyo Essay

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The human brain makes us powerful, creative and inventive beings, in almost all aspects. They survive alongside other people in groups called communities or families. Articles on Difference are general information, and are not intended to substitute for professional advice. They are capable of forming relationships, and generating complex feelings, or emotions such as love.

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The dictionary meaning of robot is a mechanical man or a more than humanly efficient automation.

It is an automatic apparatus or device that performs functions ascribed to human beings or operates with what appears to be almost human intelligence.

In a robot system, all the above five components are interfaced properly so that each component can work in a co-coordinated fashion for the effective and efficient functioning of the robot.

In an industrial robot system, a mini computer is being used as the controller.

This relieves the human beings from doing such hazardous tasks.

(4) Fire fighting and mining: Robots can perform hazardous works like fire fighting to extinguish the fire and in mining operations.

It moves in the way that it was originally programmed, or designed to act.

These actions are described as ‘intents’ of its own.

However, a robot can be reprogrammed to perform even when specifications are changed drastically.

The original programme is simply erased and the new programme takes care of the changed tasks.


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