Scarlet Ibis Essay On Pride

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Throughout this story, the narrator allows his pride to cloud his compassion and blind him to Doodle's limitations.

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To begin, in The Scarlet Ibis, Doodle strives for these goals because he wants to make his brother proud.

Every little sibling wants to feel accepted by their older brothers or sisters, as well as by their parents.

When something is expected from you, it is human nature to want to fulfill those expectations.

Doodle’s brother says some things that make him want to be a sufficient brother.

Doodle's life, though short, was all about taking people by surprise and exceeding the expectations that others had for him.

First, everyone believed that he would die, since caul babies usually do.

When he pushes Doodle into learning physical skills, he threatens him with the thought of being different from everyone else when he starts school.

But "different" does not necessarily have to be bad; Aunt Nicey is the one person who consistently claims that Doodle's differences make him special, not a pariah.

Doodle is different from everyone else right from the start of the story, and the narrator has trouble accepting that.

He cannot cope with the fact that Doodle does not fit with his image of a perfect younger sibling.


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