School German Essay

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Indianapolis even had German newspapers like the Täglicher Telegraf and the Tribüne.Later, the sisters founded Marian College (University), where my mother teaches German.Marian University has a fun connection to the Austrian Hapsburg family.At times the countries have been foes, but thankfully today we are friends.From October of last year to the end of this year, the United States and Germany are celebrating their friendship.Empress Zita Habsburg and her family were in exile in 1944.She wanted to meet up with her family members and the bishop suggested they meet at Marian College over Holy Week, since the sisters there spoke German!In Jasper, there is The Schnitzelbank restaurant and in Oldenburg the streets names are in German.In 1851, Father Rudolf asked Sister Theresa Hackelmeier to come from Austria to teach German immigrant children and found a convent in Oldenburg.Do you think the partnership has gotten better or worse over the last 30 years? What would you do to showcase the ties between Germany and the United States?Toby Westphal The first thing I see around me that is German, is my family.


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