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Finally, Flannery and colleagues urge for a renewed focus on treatment for the victims of such crimes.

Finally, Flannery and colleagues urge for a renewed focus on treatment for the victims of such crimes.

For the expression of distress to take the form of such large-scale destruction is not somehow anomalous or aberrant, but a direct product of our particular cultural moment.

In this sense, what made Nikolas Cruz pick up that gun is not the question we should be asking.

The authors conclude that the most effective way of trying to prevent these tragedies is through threat assessment, which requires fundamental testing of such traits as: suicide risk, homicide risk, thought processes, reality testing, mood and behavior as well as relevant social and developmental histories.

Also helpful is to pay particular attention to any obsession with firearms or violence, and the presence of writings or drawings with violent themes.

As usual, the gun control folks have called out mental health as a red-herring designed to distract from the issue of guns, while the pro-gun folks try to lay all of the blame on mental illness, claiming that only a as the president put it, would use a gun to shoot up a school.

When even the valiant efforts of Parkland students to use activism to make meaning of their horrifying experiences are met with intense backlash, it is difficult not to feel like we are caught on a kind of sick hamster wheel, futilely running in place while someone, somewhere is nursing the desire to commit the next mass atrocity.As Americans, we tend to think of mental illness as an individual phenomenon.The causes of mental illness, we believe, are located inside of individual people, in their genes or their upbringing.While this is understandable, considerable care must be given to ensure that the victims of these crimes receive the mental health treatment they require."School shootings are not all the same and may require different approaches to prevention and treatment, especially with respect to identifying risk factors at the individual, school or community levels, and particularly with regard to examining the role that mental health issues may play to increase risk for perpetration," the authors conclude.A child is likely to achieve better grades in high school and ultimately earn higher wages if they have received a preschool education, a new UK study suggests. school shooting we have seen the same debate about gun control and mental health playing itself out that we do each time such a disaster occurs.A new article attempts to parse out what we have learned from past events, and what we can do about stopping the next attack.Since the early 1970s school shootings at American elementary, secondary and higher education institutions have been a painful reality for American society.Mass shootings are clearly a case of violence turned outward.But like suicide, this violence is profoundly communicative, and it says something important about our society.


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