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His student friends asked me if perhaps Seamus could send some words to be read at the memorial service.

I left the message for Seamus in Dublin, and in a few hours found a return message with a tender paragraph about the student.

Brought up a Catholic, he was no longer a believer as an adult, but he also remarked that one cannot forget the culture in which one was raised.

He attended no church, but by his own wish was buried at a Catholic Mass: there is no other way to bury someone from the Catholic tradition in Ireland.

Heaney's ÉTUDES IRLANDAISES, n° XVII-2, Décembre 1992, 79-92.

You can use this password for unlimited period and you can share it with your friends!The bleak fact that there would be no next volume of his poetry was a grief to his readers, but even those who knew his work best were mourning the man as much as the poet.Seamus established an immediate intimacy even with strangers.I will use Heaney's terms as he does and if sexist overtones linger, I expect they will be by the end of the paper.In any case, his philosophy subscribes to an equal, but distinctive, differentiation in a dynamic dialogue.Therefore, Incertus does not denote uncertainty (in the usual sense) but expresses the polarity in language and in the world.This paper will focus especially on Heaney's interpretation of the relationship between the masculine and feminine in language and poetry as it relates to his poetic and political stance./ The respite in our dewy dreaming faces.” For expressing his chosen but unnatural distance from his native North when he moved to the Republic: “I am neither internee nor informer; / an inner émigré.” After his mother’s death: “A soul ramifying and forever / Silent, beyond silence listened for.” For the destruction of the Twin Towers: “Anything can happen.” And in the course of a long career, around the clusters there clustered more clusters, until a constellation, and then in time a galaxy, shone from the assembled poems, making up what we call a poet’s style.Heaney’s own style went through many changes while remaining recognizable across time.The eldest of nine children, he could be anyone’s older brother.A quick understanding and quiet help arose naturally in him.


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