Short Essay About A Happy Family

Short Essay About A Happy Family-80
But if your own childhood wasn't so sunny, how do you know what that looks like?

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Because I live in a dormitory, I do not often see family.

I began exploring university life at the beginning of the semester, but when I began to stay in the dorm for a longer time, I missed out more about my family.

Unless the population growth in the country is checked with all the people adopting the small family norm, the quality of life in our country will continue to be far below the world standards.

While availability of food, health services and educational facilities in the developed countries are improving, these are continuously on the decline or are stagnant in our country because of the growing population.

My parents gave us life and nurtured us, so I think parents should be the closest people in the world.

Their greatest influence is whether they always talk to me, discuss things with me, and believe in my dreams when they support me.

Often the family is the only true happiness of a person.

Harmony in the family, and therefore family happiness is achieved only by sincere and disinterested love for one’s neighbor.

A small family is a happy family and it is gaining popularity. In earlier days, people used to have large families. Having six or seven children was a common thing in those days. With the progress of age, a large family poses a great burden not only to the parents but also to the nation. Parents with one or two children are very happy and they lead a prosperous life.

They can provide not only the best education but also the best amenities and opportunities of life to their children.


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