Simple Essay On Plants

Whoever clones animals will become more advanced in medicine and science.

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The tentacles are very sensitive and will bend toward the center of the leaf in order to bring the insect into contact with as many stalked glands as possible.

According to Darwin, the touch of legs of a small gnat with a single tentacle is enough to cause this response. The Venus flytrap, Dionaea muscipula, is one of a very small group of plants able to move fast.

Because of the need for food or human selfishness ,many animals have become extinct.

Whoever acquires a disease or virus usually gets the virus from another person or from the original host usually a animal.

The plant then absorbs the nutrients through its leaves.

This 'leaf feeding' can be found in many non-carnivorous plants.

Charles Darwin wrote the first well-known book on carnivorous plants in 1875.

This ability of plants to catch animals is true carnivory.

Because we are cloning animals, the process of finding the origin of a disease will be reduced significantly.

Whenever somebody clones a animal there is a big chance that the latest species will carry the same disease if the DNA they have made it from has tested positive they could test the animal and observe symptoms that take place du ring the sickness.


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