Skating Rink Business Plan

The Enfield Planning Board approval the Martin’s business proposal last week.

Each winter, thousands of people swarm to the rink to experience outdoor ice skating right in their own backyard.

In the spring and fall, children can take roller skating lessons and boogie down during open skate on warm spring nights.

It’s not supported.”The Martins said they toyed with the idea of selling Great View on several occasions before deciding to put the two-lot property on the market last year.

At the time, the owners expressed a desire to step back from the business and retire.

Peter and Diane Martin, the owners of Great View Roller Skating, said the sport’s declining popularity and a sharp drop in attendance have forced them to rethink how they use their nearly 4-acre property off of Route 4.“We’re just not getting the normal traffic we used to have for normal events,” Peter Martin said on Monday.

“It’s literally come out of our retirement and our inheritance to maintain the rink.Pet day care facilities have sprouted up across the Upper Valley in recent years, as commuters driving to Lebanon look to board their dogs and cats while they’re at work.Last year, Canaan veterinarian Charlie Hutchinson opened The Dog House at Etna Road, which caters to those driving through the busy Route 120 corridor.The facility there once housed The Ranch at Etna Road, an unsuccessful dog day care operation and grooming business.The outdoor Family Skating Rink is located in beautiful Roosevelt Park and overlooks the lake.Be sure to check us out, you won’t be disappointed!— After more than four decades in Enfield, New Hampshire’s last remaining roller skating rink will close this spring and be converted to a pet day care and boarding center.The indoor space would allow plenty of room for dogs and cats to stretch out and play year-round, Martin said.“We don’t like the idea of cages.We like the idea of a proper facility that allows the dogs to move around and have fun,” he said.If all goes well, he hopes to transition to the new business in either May or June, he said, but if skating attendance continues to drop, “it may be sooner.”The Martins purchased Great View about 31 years ago from Al De Havens, who operated the rink for a decade on Blackwater Road.It’s since drawn a devoted following of skaters, many who grew up attending events there.


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