Software As A Service Research Papers

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The results of this study reflect what critical factors should be considered and how they are interrelated.

They also show the organizational demands that must be considered by those companies wishing to implement a real management model adopted to the digital economy, especially those related to cloud computing.

The last model provides centralized configuration and hosting as well as automatic updates [3], releasing users from installing and maintaining software and simply allowing them access via the Internet [4, 5].

The following stand out among the benefits for businesses that are regularly attributed to cloud computing: the reduction in software and hardware resource costs and access to services from anywhere in the world [6, 7]; the noncomplex use of cloud-based solutions [8], a scalable [9] market-oriented [10] architecture; the potential to transform business processes [11]; its potential to provide better knowledge management and a tighter link between information systems and management requirements [12] and even its ability to provide competitive advantages, given the reductions in capital outlay and IT-related operating and maintenance costs that enable resources to be redirected toward core business activities [13].

Notwithstanding, as will be seen in the following section, research directly related to cloud system adoption and use in companies and organizations is more scarce.

Software As A Service Research Papers

This is the reason why the present study seeks to develop a research model based on the technology acceptance literature that combines several variables proven to be relevant by prior studies.

Numerous studies can be found in the literature that address the use of cloud systems in such companies, ranging from technical issues, such as infrastructure security through proposed new architectures and methods [20–25], efficient data management [26–28], performance and quality of service measurement criteria [9, 29, 30], and the issues surrounding interoperability standards and difficulties for their integration and customization [31–33].

In other cases, the backbone of research deals with problems more related to business management issues, such as cloud computing-associated opportunities, costs and risks [34–37], and the importance of trust and data privacy [38–44].

Cloud computing has been developed and has evolved out of distributed, grid, and utility computing [2].

There are three main models of cloud service: Infrastructure as a Service (Iaa S), based on outsourcing processing and data storage equipment; Platform as a Service (Paa S), which provides developers with a cloud platform to create applications and services; and, lastly, Software as a Service (Saa S), which enables users to access their applications through a browser instead of installing software on their own computers.


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