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Features: Calculator Examples (1): A parent died and left an estate to four children.

Tags: mixture, solution Given an initial principal amount, interest rate on Fund 1, interest rate on Fund 2, and a total interest paid, calculates the amount invested in each fund.

Features: Calculator | Practice Problem Generator Tags: interest, principal Determines the sum of the first (n) * Whole Numbers * Natural Numbers * Even Numbers * Odd Numbers * Square Numbers * Cube Numbers * Fourth Power Numbers Features: Calculator | Quiz Generator | Practice Problem Generator | Watch the Video Examples (5): sum of the first 9 natural numbers, what is the sum of the first 10 cube numbers, show sum of the first 10 square numbers, sum first 15 even numbers, sum first 18 odd numbers Tags: shortcut sums, sum of integers Given Person or Object A doing a job in (r) units of time and Person or Object B doing a job in (s) units of time, this calculates how long it would take if they combined to do the job.

Features: Calculator | Quiz Generator | Practice Problem Generator | Watch the Video Examples (3): rate=5 and time=6, distance=4,time=3, rate=4.65 and distance=8Tags: distance, rate, time, word problem Given an integer A and an integer B, this calculates the following inclusive word problem questions: 1) The Average of all numbers inclusive from A to B 2) The Count of all numbers inclusive from A to B 3) The Sum of all numbers inclusive from A to BFeatures: Calculator | Quiz Generator | Practice Problem Generator | Watch the Video Examples (4): sum of inclusive numbers 10 to 50, What is the average of all numbers from 30 to 80, Sum of inclusive numbers from 60 to 90, How many integers are there from 20 to 90Tags: average, count, inclusive, sum, word problem Solves map scale problems based on unit measurements Features: Calculator | Quiz Generator | Practice Problem Generator | Watch the Video Examples (1): The scale on a map is 1 cm = 10 miles.

Find the length on the map of 300 miles Tags: map, measurement, scale Given the 3 items of a markup word problem, cost, markup percentage, and sale price, this solves for any one of the three given two of the items.

Wonderful' on Teaching Kids About Money: ' Put Their Noses In It, Like You're Training a Puppy' Photo Math’s genius doesn’t end at the solution.

Solve Word Problems Online For Free

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