Solved Problems In Chemistry

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This also means checking any assumptions that you may have made.

Before you laugh, I must tell you that one of the many complaints markers have about student exam papers is that the students have NOT answered the question that was asked ... Check that you have the appropriate number of significant figures, for example, if you have been given p H = 1.32, the concentration of hydrogen ions is NOT going to be 0.047863! There are some spelling mistakes examiners probably won't care about, for example there/their/they're, where/wear etc But some spelling mistakes are guaranteed to lose you marks, for example, alkane/alkene/alkyne (huge difference in reactivity for one thing! Step 5: Check that the scientific principles you applied are valid for this problem.

and read each step in your game plan carefully, making any additions as required, BEFORE you continue implementing the game plan. You can check whether your solution seems reasonable in lots of ways, here are a few: Check that chemical equations are correctly balanced.

If you find there are gaps in your game plan, things you find you still need but haven't included, it's time to Pause! Go back to the start of the problem solving process! One of the most common mistakes students make on exam papers is that they incorrectly, or neglect to, convert units resulting in an answer that is out by orders of magnitude (factors of 10).

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Begin your note with a word like "Use ..." or "Apply ...." Step 5.

Under your statement of the problem, write a brief note which tells you which scientific principle (highlighted) you will apply.

Step 2: Think about how your unknown (the thing you need to find) is related to the information you have been given by the scientific principle(s) you have decided on.

Step 1: Underneath the list of data you have already written down, write down a You can always add more steps later if you need to, or ignore ones that you don't use.


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