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Going in person to see the artifacts is preferable, but if a museum day is out of the question for you, many museums have pictures of their collections online.A secondary source, on the other hand, interprets primary sources, taking several different primary sources and analyzing them to make their own arguments.These can include the textbooks you know so well by now, biographies, documentaries, and magazine articles.

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Check out the Harvard Library and the New York Public Library as examples.

These are both huge with many resources–including primary sources.

So it would still be helpful to actually go to some of the places listed below if you have the ability to do so.

You can still wear your sweatpants to most of these places if you must.

These can include interviews, autobiographies, and memoirs.

Original documents from the 1920s could include newspaper articles and photographs (there are plenty). Popular novels we still read today such as The Great Gatsby or All Quiet on the Western Front show different aspects of people’s lives and values during that time.

This can be anywhere from five years to five hundred years (or more).

Reviewing secondary sources is important in your essay-writing process because it lets you know what other scholars are saying about your topic.

Artifacts from the 1920s are fairly easy to find because the time period was less than 100 years ago.

The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit is a must-see for 1920s artifacts–from cars to clothing.


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