Strategies In Problem Solving

Find the number of paths for the pipe if the pipe can only run along the edges of walls A, B, or roof C.Three stamps are to be torn from a sheet of nine stamps as shown below.

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You can tell the children that the trunk of the tree is the problem. Little branches grow from larger branches, and to calculate the final answer you only count the final number of little branches.

You can always point out that a good way to check an answer is to re-read it and see if it actually makes sense. The guess and check problem solving techniques helps students to think logically, make predictions and use mathematical equations. Drawing a picture is the step between the visual and symbolic language of math.

Only then can we see the results of their conceptual understanding of applying mathematics.

When we tell elementary students to make a pattern, they often do not understand.

To differentiate, begin to encourage students to label their drawings.

Remember that drawings do not need to be perfect; they just need to clearly show their thinking.

Pictures and diagrams are problem solving strategies that many students learn at the earliest stages of math development.

This is a good strategy as it is a way to communicate mathematical thinking.

Students note changes in stages and explain how the change in the table is occurring. You can use picture books to support teaching how to make a table. Here is an elementary problem solving worksheet to go with it: Magic Pot table (courtesy of Math

Another classic picture book for math is One Grain Of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale.


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