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Many famous physicists including the internationally renowned Stephen Hawking have promoted the string theory believing it to be an important step in describing the fundamentals of nature.

Both the relativity and the quantum field theory can be combined when examined using the string theory.

From its early recognition, the string theory went out of fashion only to return and become even more useful and popular than it was when it was first produced.

Any student of physics wanting to better understand the string theory or to use it to better understand or explain aspects of physics, can find examples with detailed illustrations freely available on relevant web sites.

But science has a funny way of going back to the future so to speak when some 30 years later it was discovered that while the string theory was no longer appropriate for analysis of nuclear force it was in fact a perfect structure for explaining the theory of gravity.

In fact the more the string theory was investigated the more practical its uses became so much so that as many as five different versions of the theory were developed.Its widespread use and discussion online brings all the detail and research data gathered over decades from experts both known and unknown to the world at large.A basic online search engine examination will reveal the extent of the information available.The goal of string theory is ambitious and includes: the elimination of all the explanatory enigmas which continue to plague the foundations of theoretical physics as well as the incorporation of all facets of our physical understanding into one wholly unified blueprint of material reality.But so far the victories of string theory, not to mention M-Theory, are only mathematical and its experimental pedigree only wishful thinking.For it can never enable us in a Lear-like fashion to take upon ourselves the mystery of things.My aim in this essay is to straddle both sides of the string theory coin, the miserable and the would-be majestic.Adopting a perhaps excessively critical attitude it is still by no means unfair to say that string theory is a theory en route to nowhere.It is a theory which, at its best, could conceivably capture the essence of material reality at its deepest level; or, at its worst, might be nothing more than an overblown tale with an overly complicated mathematical storyline.Without the prerequisite empirical corroboration necessary for a good scientific theory, a latter day David Hume might recommend that string theory be consigned to the flames along with various other dubious and theatrically excessive Idols of the mind.We can venture to say that string theory is both miserable and majestic as a theory of material reality.


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