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It may be concluded that education to prevent deliberate self-harm should be provided before students enter junior high school.However, attention needs to be paid to the fact that there were no differences in histories of suicidal ideation between 12 years old and those older than 13.Both regression models included sex, age, and body mass index as covariates.

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A report presents the cost-effectiveness of a recent prevention trial conducted with the sub-syndromal adolescent offspring of parents treated for depression.

This article presents an incremental cost-effectiveness analysis of the group cognitive behavioral intervention relative to usual care, from the societal perspective, for 1 year after the intervention.

It is also found that among the late teen students, females are more likely than males to report self-cutting, despite no difference in the prevalence of suicidal ideation.

This contrasts with the finding that there are no gender differences in self-cutting among early teen students.

Another aim was to reevaluate the previously reported positive association between T gondii...

more The primary aim was to relate Toxoplasma gondii seropositivity and serointensity to scores on the self-rated Suicide Assessment Scale (SUAS-S).

Suicidal ideation is an unpleasant symptom and indicator of emotional distress.

Suicidal ideations-any self-reported thoughts of engaging in suicide-related behavior-are associated with suicidal plans and attempts.

By age 18 years, as many as 25% of adolescents have had at least 1 depressive episode.

Depressive disorders in children and teens increase the risk of illness, interpersonal problems, and psychosocial difficulties that persist long after the episode, and adolescents who experience depressive episodes have an increased risk of substance abuse and suicidal behavior.


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