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This has had incredible impacts on the way people Iive their lives with people using phones for so many everyday activities and for connecting around the world.In conclusion, I would argue that although some older technological developments are important, some new ones are too.Devices such as washing machines, fridges and freezers, central heating, microwaves and televisions were invented many years ago, and now nearly every household has all or some of these in their home, making life much easier.

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After the Chernobyl’s and Three Miles’s accidents, the relation between technology and risk started to be questioned.

Social scientist posited considerable criticism against technology and how its interventions may engender new dangers.

Thanks to the Internet, information from anywhere in the world is at our fingertips.

As a result, the advancement of technology has changed our life in many ways including; sharing of information, communication, business, education, social interaction, simplifying everyday tasks, replacing basic skills and jobs.

Even though the essay does not specifically choose one side as presented in the technology development essay prompt, it presents a very clear opinion / position directly related to the question, and then supports this in the essay.

Also, earlier and more recent developments are compared and discussed. Some higher level candidates can reach this length in the test, but if you have more difficultly with your writing you should of course seek to aim for around 275 words (the minimum is 250 words).

Consequently, practically everyone knows how to use a computer, connect to the Internet, or use a smartphone.

This is demonstrated by the way the Internet is used daily by millions of people to communicate, to sell, advertise, retrieve, and share information.

However, I partially agree with this as the advantages and influences on people’s lives actually depends on the particular area of technology.

There is no doubt that some earlier advances in technology have been very influential, such as those related to technology around the home.


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