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Businesses get around such laws by posting disclaimers saying that the papers they are selling are for research purposes only and are not to be turned in for class credit. Access to the Internet provides a temptation, but what makes people give in to such a temptation? Donald Mc Cabe, who conducted the Rutgers University surveys mentioned above, says: "Students sense a deterioration of general societal values, and incorporate that into their own lives." In other words, cheating does not have the stigma it once had in American society.

Some researchers believe economic instability motivates people to cheat.

Some students might do their own risk-benefit analysis. Or they might believe that if they do get caught, the punishment will not be severe.

Often high-achieving or more affluent students find themselves in an atmosphere ripe for cheating.

Fifty percent of the students polled said they saw nothing wrong with copying questions and answers from a test.

Fifty-seven percent of the students said that copying some sentences for a written assignment or getting answers from someone who had taken a test was not a problem.Almost three-quarters of the students had cheated at least once during high school.The sting of these figures is made worse by the attitudes expressed by the students.It states that private schools might unintentionally promote cheating because of the heightened expectation that students must perform well academically.The Who's Who survey, cited above, also showed that four out of five adolescents at the top of their classes cheated at some point during their academic career. Schools have implemented different methods to curb cheating.The consequences of widespread cheating are hard to measure, but many think it may affect the ethical fiber of society.Forty-six percent of students in a recent Who's Who Among American High School Students say that "declining social and moral values" are the biggest problem facing their generation.By contrast, only 15 percent of those students say that crime and violence are the main problems. it includes an understanding of the principles of ownership with respect to words, thoughts and ideas." The principles of academic integrity are fairly simple. No one has the right to take credit for someone else's words or ideas.Webster's New World Dictionary defines "cheat" as "the act of deceiving or swindling." In the school setting, cheating normally refers to a breach of academic integrity. Niels, author of "Academic Practices, School Culture, and Cheating Behavior," academic integrity means "respecting the value of words, thoughts, images and ideas . We must "give credit where credit is due." We demand the same from others in return.The Kimbel Library at Costal Carolina University lists these companies.In its first listing in 1999, there were 35 term paper sites on the Internet.


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