Theoretical Framework Example Research Paper

Theoretical Framework Example Research Paper-56
After closing your theoretical framework, readers need to understand the context and content of your problem, its impact on the field, who participates in your project, and who will benefit from it.

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Describe and identify key assumptions and how they can control your way to analyze a research subject.

This simple technique reveals your knowledge of possible limitations. Write an introduction to your research to create readers’ interest in your chosen topic.

Examining other works can help you choose the right path to take.

Point out key assumptions for your project to see any possible limitations of your chosen theoretical framework and identify the main points to focus on.

A strong theoretical framework must align with these aspects. If you understand that it’s their extension, feel free to adopt their theoretical framework to save your time and achieve good results.

If you see that your paper is contradicting or challenging many of them, you need to use an alternative one.You should understand how to use a theory to frame research questions.This general guide will help you prepare a theoretical framework after considering your project and choosing the structure that suit specific needs perfectly. People formulate all theories to predict, explain, identify, and understand phenomena or extend and challenge their key knowledge within the limits of related critical assumptions.A theoretical framework must mention any previous research and point out unstudied areas and existing problems while identifying the purpose of your work by discussing the existing knowledge of this topic.Explain the foundation for existing problems in broad terms.It’s a structure to support a theory of your research study.It describes and introduces your theory to explain the importance of your research problem.Describe how your proposed study leads to investigating them successfully or mention any gaps in previous research studies to address them in your paper.Describe the case for your study and build its theoretical framework by giving references to prior research projects because a literature review matters to any thesis or dissertation.Any theoretical framework consists of different concepts, their definitions, and references to existing theories that you use for a particular study.Its nature is to demonstrate your understanding of concepts and theories in terms of your chosen topic and based on broader areas of knowledge.


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