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This realignment also reflects a distinction in goals between our proposal and theirs.

The first paragraph would explain what electronic dance music (EDM) is and why it is an "underground" form of music.

The next three paragraphs would show how EDM is influencing those three particular music genres.

In particular, we argue, developing but also extending earlier proposals by Lerdahl and Jackendoff (1983), that music, like language, contains a syntactic component in which headed structures are built by iterated, recursive, binary Merge.

This is the component that Lerdahl and Jackendoff called Prolongational Reduction, which represents hierarchical patterns of tension and relaxation in tonal harmony.

On one hand, this is nice because it gives you a lot of different directions that you could possibly take for your thesis and essay.

On the other hand, it's frustrating because the prompt offers very little guidance. You could argue that modern day artists are simply taking old forms and putting a modern spin on them. Once you have a general idea of what your argument is going to be, you need to put it in a concise thesis statement.Co-advisers are certainly possible, and indeed necessary in many deposit can be no later than the end of the semester (summers excluded) following the session in which the final examination is passed; failure to meet this deadline will require re-examination of the student.13) Report form – the Chair is responsible for picking it up from the Academic Office prior to the defense unless stated in writing that student may pick up.Report must be signed at defense and turned into the Academic Office within 24 hours of defense. 14) Certificate of Approval is the student’s responsibility to include with the thesis by the deadline.(This copy is to be used for the defense; any further revisions should be made following the defense.) It is important to schedule the defense at least two weeks prior to the In many cases it is advisable to consult with committee members during the actual preparation of the dissertation/essay/thesis.This avoids potential problems that could occur at the time of the defense itself.We further argue that the distinct component that Lerdahl and Jackendoff called Time Span Reduction is a musical prosodic component (a point anticipated by Lerdahl and Jackendoff themselves) -- whose interface with the syntactic component is strikingly similar to the comparable interface between syntactic and prosodic structure in language.Though our discussion takes Lerdahl and Jackendoff's work as a starting point and touchstone throughout, our proposals also constitute a significant realignment of their model -- necessary in order to reveal similarities between musical and linguistic structure that were not evident in their presentation. It is evaluated by the thesis adviser and a second reader, the director of the School of Music, and the Graduate School. Readers or committees from the School of Music evaluate master’s papers, master’s lecture-recitals, and D. I like the two-sided thesis format that starts with the word "although." I like it because it sets up an argument and a counter-argument for the writer to discuss.For example: "Although much of modern electronic dance music is still very much considered underground music, it has begun to influence mainstream music in country, pop, and even rap genres." This thesis is probably best supported in four body paragraphs.


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