Thesis Statement Against Cloning

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Genetic engineering has tremendous use in production of food.In the third world countries many people are suffering from malnutrition and hunger; hence, genetic engineering has come to solve these human problems.In fact, cloning finds many of its application in amplification of DNA, genetic fingerprinting, as well as modification of genetic makeup in humans.

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Hence, proponents believe it is the best method to curb and eliminate human suffering (Russell, 2012).

In addition, cloning and genetic engineering has led to rejuvenation in human life.

On the other hand, the development of these aspects is seen as the potential that is building and developing unchecked dangers.

Hence, these views present both the of genetic engineering as a method of improving the circumstance of humans.

Perhaps, cloning and genetic engineering has improved and solved the life of humans through human organs development; hence, the life’s of people has been made safer and longer.

One of the arguments for cloning is that it helps in organ replacement.

Moreover, humans who have burns and injuries in their body are the greatest beneficiaries of cloning.

They have a chance of receiving skin tissues that eliminate the burns.

Germ-line gene therapy is also possible because of genetic engineering; this refers to the replacement or removal of faulty genes.

Perhaps, it eliminates costly and destructive disease from the populace.


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