Thesis Statement For Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Elie loved mystical, traditional and folk tales of the Hassidic sect of Judaism.

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The author’s mistake consists of a misunderstanding of one basic fact: the Auschwitz Memorial is not a museum about the entire Second World War, nor of the entire Shoah or, more broadly, genocide in the 20th century.

The work of the Auschwitz Memorial educators and their narration are concentrated on the tragedy of all Auschwitz-Birkenau victims: Jews, Poles, Sinti and Roma, Soviet prisoners of war and others.

The people that influenced Elie is, his grandfather, mother and father. Zalmen worked at the Buna warehouse, sad for him; he got a stomach cramp and was on his way to the bathroom where he was then trampled.

His father taught him how to reason and how to reach his mind. On the other hand, Mier Katz was the one who saved Elie’s life when someone tried to strangle him on the train to Buchenwald.

The museum denied Nazis as a posthumous victory, honoring the last wishes of the victims to tell and protect the future of humanity from such evil from recurring.

The museum was divided into five areas by the commission, which were made up of 57 people.

The author formulates the thesis without presenting any example of this "drift into nationalistic bias" and without making any attempt to contact the Museum in order to verify her statement.

If she had done this, she would have learnt that the guides’ narrative during a visit at the Auschwitz Memorial has not been subjected to any changes in recent years.

Elie’s father in the time, encouraged Elie to study the modern Hebrew language and concentrate on his secular studies. Mengele was the one whom decides who goes to the gas chambers. In Buna, he meant Jouliek whom was a violist and made friends with Yosia and Tibi.

The most important thing in his life was his religious book. He made a friend by the name of Alphonse whom would give him extra soup whenever and wherever possible.


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