Thesis Stream Rankings

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Along with the university’s science department, Oxford Mathematics has been home to historic alumni such as Edwin Hubble, Robert Hooke, and Stephen Hawking.

The natural connection between math and science lends itself towards departmental collaboration through the Mathematical Institute at Oxford.

The mathematicians of today examine everything from the complex mathematical relationships found in living organisms to the bizarre, non-Euclidean geometries of extra-dimensional spaces.

The schools on this list, many with faculty who have earned Fields Medals (the mathematics equivalent of a Nobel Prize), lead way in the ever-evolving field of mathematics.

Comprehensive in nature, Harvard’s Department of Mathematics offers a variety of some of the best mathematics and research programs that include bachelor’s degrees, master’s programs, and Ph. Current faculty members exhibit strong interest in: Most programs require a capstone project or senior thesis before graduation.

Seminars, tutoring centers, and peer-led clubs offer additional opportunities for networking and classwork assistance.In addition to numerous courses and excellent degree programs, the department also supports and manages the Mathematics Research Center (MRC).Though research is the primary goal, MRC also provides seminars, conferences, and outreach activities to the community and high school students in particular.The Mathematics and Statistics Library and the Stanford University Mathematical Organization function as excellent resources run by the department.One of the oldest universities in the world, Oxford had plenty of time to develop an outstanding reputation in many fields.Approximately 1,200 undergraduate and graduate students participate in the various programs taught by 170 expert faculty members.A total of 16 focus groups and centers on campus conduct most the research, including the Geometry Group, the History of Mathematics Group, and the Oxford Centre for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations.Today, Cambridge serves students as a large research university that consists of 31 colleges and 150 departments and faculties.Cambridge separates its Faculty of Mathematics into two departments: (1) applied mathematics and theoretical physics, and (2) pure mathematics and mathematical statistics.MIT has produced two Fields Medals and numerous Nobel Prize winners.Divided into pure and applied mathematics, the Mathematics Department at MIT is home to approximately 330 undergraduate students and 115 graduate students.


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