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The financial forecast now says €50mln in 5 years time. Software is usually developed to simplify or optimise something a client is already doing.

Turns out that Climate Launchpad wasn’t even the worst of it.

Afterwards I had to do so much pitching, I still do.

Watch the video for the Global Change Award It’s fascinating to witness this mind shift with big brands. They welcomed us in their factory without knowing what we do.

In a one-hour session we explained everything about remanufacturing and our concept.

Remanufacturing clothes that way uses 80% less water and energy compared to conventional mass-production.

Ann Runnel, founder of Reverse Resources: “What I’m doing now used to be a side hobby.

The Fashion and Design Department participated in the most awaited event of the year for Fashion Industry, Islamabad Fashion Week.

Where our best students from the graduating batch showcased their finest collections.

It enables industrial remanufacturing for global fashion brands.

They offer a waste inventory service for large textile manufacturers.


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