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Required………Small Roman numeral Abstract……………Required………counted as page, but not numbered.A former student and I were talking recently, and she mentioned the thesis she completed as part of her Master of Education degree at our university. Here are some of the differences: This is usually completed as part of a doctoral degree.

The finished paper should be between 10,000 and 15,000 words in length (approximately 50-60 pages).

The paper will be evaluated on a "Satisfactory/Not-Satisfactory" basis by the research paper supervisor and the second evaluator, suggested by the supervisor.

You did a capstone project.” “What’s the difference? Three things they all have in common are: But that’s about where the commonalities end.

Students also ask what the difference is between a dissertation and a thesis.

This unit highlights items from Chapter 3: Technical Details.

It is not meant to replace the “Guidelines for Preparing the Masters’s Thesis” or “Guidelines for Preparing the Master’s Project”. The Division of Graduate Studies does not define the content or style for a proposal. Students in selected Master’s programs must demonstrate evidence of a high degree of scholarship, competence in scholarly exposition and ability to select, organize and apply knowledge through a thesis. “Guidelines for Preparing the Master’s Thesis” as developed and enhanced by the Graduate Faculty of Jackson State University, provides examples of best practices concerning format standards that must be met before it receives final approval by the Division of Graduate Studies. Each student should obtain a copy of the “Guidelines for Preparing the Master’s Thesis” for full details. : It is the chairperson’s and committee members’ responsibility to know policies, rules, and regulations of both the Division of Graduate Studies and the major department relative to the thesis/project process. : It is the department chair/program director’s responsibility for knowing and enforcing policies, rules, and regulations of both the Division of Graduate Studies and department/program. The examiners can make suggestions for further revisions based on their review of the work and the outcome of the exam.When it is completed and approved in its final version by all the examiners, it may become publicly available through the university library or another public database.Thesis: The Master's thesis should reveal that the candidate is able to work in a scholarly manner and is acquainted with major issues and published research on the subject of the thesis.It must make an original contribution to legal scholarship.The student must show the ability to work independently in a scholarly manner, just as with a thesis.The paper should offer something original or useful in the field of research it relates to.


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