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In the story, “Two Kinds”, Amy Tan writes about a relationship between a mother and a daughter.The mother of Jing-mei wants her daughter to become famous, but Jing-mei just wants to be herself.

Jing-Mei, the daughter, is telling the story of the hardship between her and her mother.

She tells us how at first she shared the same passion of becoming a prodigy but her constant disappointment to her mother made a part of her die inside (Tan 732).

This story took place in America between the 1950's through the 1960's.

Jing-Mei says that her mother moved to America from China in 1949...

Her first story "Endgame" appeared in literary magazines and allowed her to join the Squaw Valley Writer's workshop (The American Academy of Achievement).

In 1987, Tan took her mother back to China after her mother regained her health from being ill, and gained a new perspective on her difficult relationship with her mother, which inspired her to write "The Joy Luck Club".After Jing-mei’s mother dies, in the end, she went back to the piano.Jing-mei began to play the song that caused the breaking point of her relationship with her mother.Amy Tan, the author, was a daughter of Chinese immigrants.She was born in Oakland, California on February of 1952.The criticism is based on Literary Theory, which is composed of ideas that help interpret, and analyze literature. The chief thing that distinguishes the power to criticize from the other two is the fact that ET 2 (Analysis on a Local Writer’s Selected Work – 1-2 pages only) Guidelines: Short bond paper, Calibri 12, single-spaced (TITLE) I.Everything in that questioned the elements forming a literary work itself. Third , sociology that probleming literary readers with social influence literature . Introduction · Introduce the literary work that you have chosen (title,author,time it was written) · Introduce the literary work (quotation, question, anecdote). Body Paragraphs (2-3) · What is the subject of the literary work?My first reaction was that Jing-Mei was stubborn and unappreciative of what her mother went through to get her piano lessons, such as trading house cleaning services for weekly training sessions.I also believe that Jing-Mei was ignorant as to why her over-bearing mother was so persistent in her actions for her only living daughter to become famous.42) Like the ying-yang and the songs, Jing-mei’s relationship with her mother may seem disastrous and apart, but together they share a strong bond that makes them whole.Jing-mei’s determination to stay that she is, is much like the song “Perfectly Contented”, she is satisfied with the way things are.


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