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Through lectures, in-class demos, discussions, comprehensive projects and critiques we will explore the function and meaning behind typography including but not limited to: typographic identification, practical issues of setting and using type effectively in multi-page layout, form, grouping, hierarchy, and as a conduit for enhancing meaning and content.

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ADDITIONAL READING RESOURCES Grid Systems By Kimberly Elam, ISBN: 1568984650 Thinking with Type By Ellen Lupton, ISBN: 1568984480 by Philip Meggs and Rob Carter Font reference guides and Encyclopedia of Typography supplied through class OTHER ITEMS YOU SHOULD ALREADY OWN… Laptop Computer (Macintosh preferred) Thumb/Flash media drive or other external drive Cork back steel ruler for cutting: approx. COURSE OBJECTIVES/LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon completion of this course the student should be able to: BFA in Graphic Design Objectives /Learning Outcomes Your course work will be graded on the below items so make sure you fulfill each with excellence.

Purpose The undergraduate degree in graphic design is intended to prepare you, the student, specifically in the common body of knowledge and skills required for entry as a professional graphic designer.

One page response due March 11 (on either of these). “This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven…” by Elliott Earls 2. Williamson This post will keep evolving as we work on the zine; mainly as a source of information and inspiration. big lebowski: Here is the first assignment in Typography II class.

Read the rest of this entry » i found these motion-typography-dialogues and it’s interesting to compare to our assignment. most of them are pretty bad but i think these two are nice.

A written response to the material may frequently be a part of the reading assignment. $1.85/sheet, (as needed) LAB FEE There will be a lab fee of $60 to cover maintenance, printing costs, & upkeep of computer facilities.

One exam will be conducted on reading material and other materials from class. There will be no refund of this fee if the course is dropped after the drop deadline, third week of the semester.

The two main design directions of classic typography as well as new contemporary style will both be explored.

With these approaches we will examine and gain an understanding of the function of typography as a visual element within the larger context of graphic communication.

Download the PDF of it: Assignment #1 PDF Remember to use only books (you can use the internet to find those books).

Use the Lubalin Center, and the Cooper library (they have a ton of really unique books all the way in the back).


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