Uc Transfer Essay Questions

Transfer applicants must respond to four short-answer prompts—one mandatory prompt and their choice of three from the other seven options. Every student must write four essays, but choose from eight prompts.

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Creative types, on the other hand, might want to proceed with caution since, really, every question is an opportunity to show off your talents and describe your artistic endeavors.

No matter who you are, though, remember this classic writing advice: show don’t tell. If you enjoy gardening, describe the plants, their qualities, and how you make your horticultural choices; are you drawn to the aesthetics or are you botanically inquisitive?

Your answers provide context for the rest of the information in your application and show your personal commitment to learning, what qualities you will bring to the university and how you face life challenges.

We are looking for qualities that will help you succeed at UC Davis while enriching our community.

Maybe you are always the one helping your younger siblings with their homework, and you struggled to find ways to engage your dyslexic younger brother with math.

Maybe, as a camp counselor or church volunteer, you were in charge of choreographing and instructing a number for a group of seven-year-old hip hop dancers to perform.Don’t shy away from challenges or even failures, since these are exactly the sorts of character-building experiences that can demonstrate resilience and quick thinking.You may think that this question was geared towards the artistically inclined, but take a closer look.Write descriptively so that the reader can feel as if he or she were experiencing your creative passion with you.If question 3 reminds you of question 2, you’re not alone.Often, when we talk about a talent or skill that we have honed over the course of a lifetime, we’re inclined to describe it as an art — a creative extension of who we are.So if you choose to respond to both of these questions, make sure to highlight distinct skills in each.A strategic applicant will choose a constellation of prompts that highlight vastly different aspects of their lives and personalities, leaving an admissions officer with a deep and complete picture of who they are.Don’t get hung up on trying to divine the questions admissions wants you to answer.The wording offers many potential definitions that veer away from traditional conceptions of creativity (and actually, it asks you for your personal definition! Creativity lies in your outlook: seeing the opportunity to use one of your skills in a novel situation; looking at a problem from a new angle to find the solution that no one else could see.This question is, in reality, ideal for the more scientifically oriented to create a more well-rounded profile.


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