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"A somewhat late-developing custom, then, which more or less replaces the classical custom of using dedicatory epistles and which, in its beginnings, seems a little more typical of works of ideas than of poetry or the novel."(Gérard Genette, "Place the epigraph a third of the way down the page, either centered or treated as a block quotation . Turabian, , I found that the links between books and their epigraphs and the epigraphs' sources are as individual as the authors involved. It seems authors follow at least one of three dictums, and often all three simultaneously: , issued in English in 1963, with this excerpt from a Russian grammar book: ' An oak is a tree. An epigraph is a short quotation at the beginning of a book or chapter or article that sets the tone for what’s to come.

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William Penn, Perhaps one will call me hypocritical for allowing a quote from Shakespeare to grace a munchy fantasy novel and then to turn around and say that the epigraph to a Harry Potter book falls flat. How moving it would be to me to finish a book and turn the page, sad that it’s all over and read an epigraph that reflects on all that’s come before.

I would simply note that the fantasy novel in question actually whereas Harry Potter tried to have it both ways—and the William Penn quote is about life and death, which would have been inappropriate to any book that wasn’t. Andrew Tutt recently graduated from Duke University.

Or are they actually a direct invitation by the author, perhaps saying, “Look here, for from this inspiration came this tale? As early as 1726, one can find in Swift’s My wish would be simply to present it to thee plain and unadorned, without any embellishment of preface or uncountable muster of customary sonnets, epigrams, and eulogies, such as are commonly put at the beginning of books.

” Put another way, are they part of the book or part of the author, or both, or neither? the first “novel,” the epigraph and its ilk were widely entrenched into the formula for literature.

Epigraphs appear at the beginning of many texts, often to set the tone or theme of what's to come. Give the source on a new line, set flush right and preceded by an em dash.

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Although they're not quite as popular a feature as they once were, they still appear in many texts, both older and contemporary. Often the author's name alone is sufficient, but you may also include the title of the work and, if it seems relevant, the date of the quotation."(Kate L.

That’s why William Styron starts with this quote from André Malraux: “…I seek that essential region of the soul where absolute evil confronts brotherhood.” Clearly these are not the only types of epigraphs that succeed. In this divine glass they see face to face; and their converse is free, as well as pure. Although, since his editor let him plant it there in the original German or French, one wonders if this means that epigraphs are thought to be more like dedications in the publishing world than the main text. Finally, one wonders why epigraphs are always at the beginning of the book.

Nabokov hit a home run with his epigraph for with this quote from a Russian school-book: “An oak is a tree. This is the comfort of friends, that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are, in the best sense, ever present, because immortal. Some stories end and make you want to hold the book to your chest and absorb it directly into your very soul.

Unfortunately, it would have come out more candidly through the mouth of one of his characters.

The big problem is that in a semi-biblical masterwork, the only part of the entire overarching text that ever makes any reference to normal-sounding speech is this tiny bit of a 3-part epigraph. Epigraphs count as part of the text because they affect the way the text is read, and therefore are tied more to the text than to the author.


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