Ut Homework Answers Physics

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And there is no guarantee you'll get the right answer to your homework question.

It is a real pain just typing your questions to email them to a tutor, and if there are a lot of mathematical formulas and/or diagrams, this is next to impossible!

So why is it incorrect to use the formula s = ut 1/2at^2 to find the displacement?

We use this formula to find the displacement of the helicopter. S I know 3 is incorrect, just wrote it to pull up the solutions given the solution to the previous differential equation.

Sometimes the words of the question might stay the same, but the numerical values might change.

For example the 50.0 miles per hour in the question above might be switched to 55.0 miles per hour, so you might try a search for only the text part in double quotes.If you are at this page, I'm sure you're aware of the power of doing a Google or Yahoo search.And you probably also know that if you're searching for the answer to a specific question, just type double quotes around your search query.For example, if we eliminate The point is that there is no "correct equation" to use in problems like these.All of the equations are consistent with the first two equations I gave.There might be a "better equation" to use depending on the information you are given, but ultimately you can't go wrong as long as you use the correct values for the variables in each equation.Your mistake is likely due to not using the right values in your equations, not by using the wrong equations.Screen capture is often the preferred method because if your website questions have a lot of graphics, "copy and paste" will not work because Microsoft just hasn't figured out how to copy a webpage into MS Word so that all the graphics get included.Also copying any tables from a website and pasting them into MS Word typically eats up computer memory like mad.You can copy and paste the question into a search engine and you will get back thousands, possibly millions, of results, many of them trying to sell you a new car (ha ha).To narrow your search, put double quotes around the question.


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