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Early-onset pneumonia occurs within the first 4 days of hospitalization, whereas late-onset VAP develops 5 or more days after admission.Late-onset pneumonias are usually associated with multidrug-resistant (MDR) organisms.

If appropriate empiric antibiotics are selected, the subsequent adjustment of antibiotics does not improve the patient's mortality risk.Though you may continue to access the Getting Started Kit online,... Empower yourself with information and tools to help you ask good questions, connect with the right people, and learn as much as you can to keep you or a family member safe while receiving healthcare.Shift to prioritize safety when caring for patients.Effective December 14th 2016, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute has archived the Ventilator Associated Pneumonia intervention.Though you may continue to access the Getting Started Kit online, please note that it will no longer be updated.Individual studies have shown no significant differences.A meta-analysis of these studies has suggested a significant reduction in ICU-acquired HAP.Passive humidifiers or heat moisture exchangers are preferred to reduce colonization of the ventilator circuit.Ventilatory-circuit condensation should be prevented from entering the endotracheal tubes and any inline nebulizer.pneumonia is associated with higher mortality rates than those associated with other organisms.Studies have consistently shown that a delay in starting appropriate and adequately dosed antibiotic therapy increases the mortality risk.


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