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Besides this, the cost of living in Austin is also moderate.2.

These courses set the base for nursing skills and instill knowledge of human anatomy in students and make them ready for handling the tasks related to human behavior in adverse situations.

Here are some courses that a nursing student can take in the first year of the degree program:-Second Year Coursework The second year coursework prepares the students technically and trains them to start their career.

The project is a compulsory part of any masters coursework program, and is worth 12 Units of Credit (Uo C). It prepares the student for the problem-solving and report-writing aspects of future employment, or for progression to a research degree.

The project gives the student an opportunity to make practical use of the knowledge gained through their masters program, and to learn to work independently.

Nashville, Tennessee Being a pioneer in biotechnology and healthcare, this city too has attractive career opportunities for nursing professionals. After gaining an Associates Degree in Nursing, students can become an RN after passing the NCLEX.

They can work in hospitals and clinics in any state of the USA.Though, there is a huge demand for nurses in every sate of the US, there are some cities that rank on top.1.Austin, Texas The low rate of unemployment, growing population, and increasing number of educated people in the capital city of Texas result into a rise in the demand for health care services and nursing.It is specifically for the students who can’t afford and don’t have time to pursue the four-year degree program.As soon as students complete the degree of ADN, they can take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to become a Registered Nurse (RN).Some important subjects of the curriculum are- anatomy and physiology, nursing basics, nutrition, pharmacology, clinical nursing, etc.First Year Coursework In the first year, students ideally earn 15 to 17 credits in classes.Candidates transferring from another university must have to take additional classes in Math and Science before taking enrollment.Some colleges give preference to applicants who have already taken classes in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, social or behavioral subjects like human development, family studies, psychology or sociology.Besides this, they can also work with nursing homes, schools, public health centers, residential care facilities, and doctor’s offices.As demand for nurses can never decrease, thus there are many career opportunities available for them.


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