World Bank Essay Competition Youth Unemployment

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More than one third of the young people in the world are unemployed, have completely given up looking for a job or are working but still living below the $2 a day poverty line (ILO), or have migrated.

Young job seekers face increasing difficulties finding work in the current economic scenario.

Additionally, you are required to submit a form via the Essay Competition website, which will allow us to identify your work.

YOUTH unemployment is blighting a whole generation of youngsters.

All submissions must be made online via the Essay Competition website. Essay: Your essay may not be longer than 4000 words (about 10 pages of standard text). You are also required to provide a summary of no more than 250 words.

The summary will be used by the jury to make a pre-selection.

(It is no coincidence that South Africa has some of the strictest rules on hiring and firing and one of the worst youth-unemployment problems in sub-Saharan Africa.) A third factor is the growing mismatch between the skills that youngsters have and the vacancies that employers want to fill.

Germany, which has a relatively low level of youth unemployment, places a lot of emphasis on high-quality vocational courses, apprenticeships and links with industry. The effects of youth unemployment can persist for years.

We encourage you to give concrete examples if you have personal experience as a young entrepreneur and if not share your ideas about how you would go about creating a business/ work opportunities in your local community/ town/ country.

General: All work must be submitted by individuals, group work is not allowed.


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