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Since a summary paper restates your interpretation of a text’s main ideas, without your opinion about the ideas, it tells instructors how much you understand a given work.A summary of a philosophical text might challenge more than other subjects, because philosophers delve into the history of ideas before establishing their unique premises and drawing conclusions.Reread the text several times, taking notes each time. What premises served as the foundation for the conclusion? Note examples that support the work’s thesis, and note any counterarguments to other philosophical theories.

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Pay attention to paragraph structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling as you revise. Revise paragraphs first, then return and revise individual sentences next and revise individual words last.

Patricia Hunt first found her voice as a fiction and nonfiction writer in 1974.

Revise the draft, preferably a day after composing the first draft.

The more you can see the draft anew, the better the revision.

Original Despite decades of research into the sociocultural model of eating disorders, we still do not understand how such sociocultural influences produce disordered eating in any given individual (or why a similar person in the same cultural milieu does not become disordered).

Clearly, though, one source of vulnerability lies in a woman's body image.Write the first draft by combining the sentence summaries of each paragraph.Do not worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar or paragraph structure. Compare your draft to the original text to check for precision and thoroughness.Having answers to these questions, you will be much better prepared to working on a project of your own.You may, of course, say, “I do my own work and learn best from my own mistakes”, and it is a viable stance to take.Summary in Paper (APA)Polivy and Herman (2004) noted that we still do not know how or why sociocultural influences like the media contribute to some individuals developing eating disorders while others do not.In some cases, the ubiquitous message of thinness and ideal beauty broadcast by the media can challenge a woman's self-image, disrupting her sense of self-esteem.Read the assigned text straight through without taking notes.This first reading gives a general idea about the entire text.An English teacher for over 27 years, Hunt's works have appeared in "The Alaska Quarterly Review," "The New Southern Literary Messenger" and "San Jose Studies." She has a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from American University and a doctorate in studies of America from the University of Maryland.Writing a summary of an academic article, a book, a short story, a movie or some other work is a typical assignment for students majoring in many different disciplines: from English literature and film studies to history and biology.


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