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Like, “And while growing up and they did not learned the good” is a little confused…hard to follow.

What you mean is, “While growing up, they did not learn what is good behavior,” or something like that.

A quality GED essay topic always provides 2 articles written with opposing opinions.

Your task is to read both articles, then determine which opinion is best supported throughout the text.

Guidelines are given so that you can follow as closely as possible to a real testing situation.

When looking for GED essay topics online, keep in mind that not all sites reflect updated GED information.You can talk about how that behavior starts, grows, and becomes bad adult behavior…a child sees a parent drinking, wants to try alcohol, and then when they’re an adult they become an alcoholic.), and then explain more about what kind of adult behavior kids are imitating, how caring adults might stop them, and how the bad childhood behavior later becomes bad adult behavior (alcoholism, cigarette addiction). If I were you, I’d focus on having good organization, good details, and writing in clear, simple sentences.You do have some language mistakes that make it a little hard to follow. like “harmful” instead of “harm” in the question at the beginning. You’ve got good word choice, if you keep your grammar simple.One thing that’s good is that you use an example from your life. But it needs to be better connected to your main idea.Could burning your hand have become bad adult behavior? to pay attention to children to stop them from developing bad behavior that will follow them into adulthood.it’s better to restate the question in your own way than to just repeat the GED question. In the introduction, you make your main point, that bad adult behavior comes from bad childhood behavior. You list a number of bad child behaviors, but then you don’t really follow through with them in the rest of the essay (and at least one of them doesn’t really become a bad adult behavior, so it doesn’t apply very well to the essay… It might be better to have just one or two bad childhood behaviors and explain how they start and how they become bad adult behaviors.The middle paragraphs talk about how children learn bad (and good) behaviors from adults, but it doesn’t really relate it back to the main idea…One thing is that you use semicolons (;) where you need commas. Try listening to Leonard’s solutions for the essays in writing GED Academy course…Try looking at GED Academy lessons on punctuation for more advice on semicolons and commas…but basically, everywhere you tend to use a semicolon, try putting a comma instead. What’s more important are grammar issues that make it sort of difficult to follow. it will give you good practice on what types of things to look for and how to improve an essay.


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