Wuthering Heights Contemporary Critical Essays

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Contemporary writers like Elena Ferrante owe a debt to presaged the stream-of-consiousness freestyle narration of Faulkner and the complex psychological style of Henry James.

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63) This shows the audience to see how a woman can't lead a carefree life in Victorian society, the conventions give security for women.

Lyn Pykett explains how Catherine's transformation illuminates the power of the social production of female gentility.

For example, the Victorian feminine ideal was a woman that was 'the angel in the house'; a feminine figure that ensured hospitality and a moral guide, and also to be a paragon of virtue.

Women were to be molded into this ideal and were expected to live by it.

Although she seems objective from her unique perspective, we realize that she could very well be biased toward Heathcliff and jealous of Catherine.

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27), he has no prospects and isn't heir to any money or property.

This way Heathcliff can be read as a male character with a female position in society. Edgar is the one who is always referred to as 'the master' and is the one who has all the power and masculinity.

While the Victorian novel tended to strongly idealize the nuclear family (think, for instance, of Dickens's portrayal of the Fezziwigs and the Cratchits in ), Emily Bronte was unflinching in her depiction of child abuse, child neglect, and the effects of alcoholism on families.

The Earnshaw household, to put it mildly, is not one you would want to inflict on your worst enemy—nor is the legacy that Heathcliff carried on as master of Wuthering Heights after Hindley's death.


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